The slender fire-protective glass for increasing safety requirements

The year 2017 is drawing slowly to a close. For us at Glas Trösch, however, reliable protection against fire is close to our hearts the whole year round. For that reason we are presenting to you today our new product

the new FIRESWISS FOAM 60-27 P4A fire-protective glass!

The big brother of the FIRESWISS FOAM 30-19 P4A is a new, slender, fire-protective safety glass with a thickness of just 27 mm. It provides the proven FIRESWISS FOAM safety and, with a reduction in weight of around 10%, is entirely the result of advanced development. In addition to the previous properties, the new FIRESWISS FOAM 60-27 P4A also has the classification P4A according to EN 365 and thus offers an ideal price/performance ratio.
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