FIRESWISS COOL protects against flames and heat up to a certain degree. The fire protection glass allows smoke and risk-free passage of emergency exits and escape routes.

The power of the almost infinite colour variations of FIRESWISS COOL comes from the aesthetics of borderless colour. Coloured transparency lets living and working spaces breathe. Privacy and transparency are not a contradiction. Opaque glass structures allow illumination without direct line of sight.

The appeal of FIRESWISS COOL is its impressive visual characteristics. EUROFLOAT forms the basis for the fire resistant glass of Glas Trösch AG - Glass produced on state-of-the-art float glass equipment to the highest standards of quality.

The exceptional transparency of FIRESWISS COOL just hints at the performance of the functional layers. Complete transparency and impressive safety are united in one perfect product.

The motivation for sustainable use of fossil resources has shaped the architecture of the last decade. Low energy principles, the passive house concept and the Minergie standard are requirements of current architecture. FIRESWISS COOL and SILVERSTAR. An impressive combination of safety and sustainability. Insulating glass versions with impressive figures. Controlled climate in light-filled spaces.

The multi-layered glass composition of this laminated safety glass, which is specifically designed for fire protection, guarantees the highest resistance against mechanical attacks (breakthrough, shelling etc.) The splinter-free laminate guarantees injury prevention at all times.

Produced using cutting-edge process technology to the highest industrial standards. Production is subject to constant production control by independent monitoring bodies. ISO 9001 + ISO 14001 form the basis of all actions. An accredited and independent testing laboratory guarantees unrestricted, worldwide application of our products. Trust, safety, FIRESWISS.